Losing weight has always felt like such a struggle...

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You’ve struggled to lose weight for years…Losing weight sounds like it should be simple enough, right? According to the “diet experts”, you just need to eat fewer calories and exercise more.

But the problem is finding a diet that really works for you, that you enjoy, and that you want to stick with for the long term.

After years of trying to eat healthy and experimenting with different diets, you start to wonder if you’ll ever feel comfortable in your clothes again.

And, trust me, I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be to wake up in the morning and have to dig through your closet to try on 5 different outfits…just to find a shirt that covers the rolls on your stomach.

You’ve figured out so many other areas of your life, yet you can’t seem to get this one right. And it’s starting to make you feel like a failure.

Your struggle with your weight and with how you feel in your body affects other areas of your life as well. It can affect your mood, your energy levels, and, yes, even your sex life.

But I can tell you from personal experience that the body you want is not impossible to achieve.

→ You can feel sexy and confident in your body.

→ You can feel healthy on the inside.

→ You can have enough energy to keep up with your kids AND to accomplish your goals.

Even better, getting these results doesn’t have to involve dieting ever again!

So, are you feeling excited yet?!? Because it’s time for a whole new approach to create the body you want and to achieve the health and vitality you’ve been searching for!


Christina Johnson, CTNC

Christina Johnson, CTNC


“According to the diet experts, you just need to eat fewer calories and exercise more.

But the problem is finding a diet that actually works for you and that you want to stick with long-term.”


Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food

Eat food that is nourishing to your body and avoid food that leads to inflammation and weight gain. The focus is on choosing food that is nutrient dense and will support your health instead of worrying about how many calories, fat grams, or carbs you are eating.


Listen To Your Body

Listen to Your Body

Learn how to pay attention to the signals your body gives you so that you can eat the perfect amount of food for your body without counting calories…while still being able to lose weight.



Relationship with Food

Improve Your Relationship With Food

Address any reasons or situations that cause you to eat when you’re not hungry, discover how to take care of yourself so you don’t turn to food for comfort, and learn how to eat mindfully so you naturally eat less food without feeling deprived.

I noticed a huge difference in my attitude towards food and in listening to my body!! I actually recognized when I was truly hungry and when I was just stressed, and I found I ate less overall this week but didn’t feel deprived. Best of all I wasn’t governed by a food log that counts calories or a scale that demoralizes “hard” work.

Glynnys Pentecoste

Christina is a good listener, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable about nutrition and how to maintain good habits. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who has health issues. I know it has only been a short time since I started working with her, but I have a better quality of life now. That’s a big deal!

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