Christina Johnson

When people ask me what I do for a living, my usual reply is…I’m a health coach.

And while that’s true, let me share with you what I really do…

I help women who’ve struggled with weight loss for years create the amazing body they want without ever having to try another diet again.

If you’re anything like the women I work with, then you probably have many areas of your life under control. But, for some reason, you just can’t seem to figure out how to lose weight AND keep it off.

And that is exactly where I was a few years ago…

My Struggle With My Body

I have lived on both ends of the health & weight spectrum…It was pretty easy for me throughout high school and most of college to stay thin. But then something changed during that last semester of college. All of a sudden, the weight began to creep on. And it continued for about 2 years until one day I realized that I had gained over 30 pounds!

I was so frustrated with myself that I let that happen. I felt embarrassed to see friends who knew me before I gained the weight, and I hated how I felt in my clothes.

And so my quest to become “thin” began.

Over the next several years, I tried several different diets, followed the advice of many health gurus, and managed to lose about 20 pounds.

But I always felt like it was such a struggle to keep the weight off. If I stopped counting calories, fat, or carbs for even a minute, the pounds would slowly creep back on.

I was beginning to think that I would have to be on a diet for the rest of my life…but that was not the kind of life I wanted!

After about 8 years of dieting, I found myself sick and tired of it. The weight would come on and then fall off…over and over again. I thought I was eating “healthy”. I ate whole grains, low-fat products, and counted my calories. I avoided saturated fats and ate very little red meat. I drank diet soda. I worked out on the elliptical several times a week.

And I felt like a failure because it just wasn’t working.

A New Solution

But then, I felt like my eyes were opened when I stumbled across a new way of looking at food and dieting. And everything started to change…

I started eating real, whole foods that are nourishing to my body. No more counting calories. No more deprivation. No more relying on my willpower. I embraced this new approach wholeheartedly.

To my surprise, I found it not only easier to keep the weight off, but I felt amazing and had more energy than ever before!

My chronic headaches and joint pain disappeared. My energy skyrocketed. I slept better than I had in years and woke up feeling energized and ready to face the day. My hormones balanced out, and my acne (yay!) started to become a thing of the past.

For the first time in my life, I understood the impact that the food I eat has on my body.

A New Career

I was so amazed by the changes I started to see in myself that I couldn’t help but share this new approach with others!

One day (after I’m sure I was once again going on and on about my new found passion in natural health!) my brother-in-law looked at me and asked, “Do you ever feel like you missed your calling?”

That question stopped me cold in my tracks. I had worked for 14 years as a teacher and then as a school counselor, and I loved that career. In fact, I always assumed I would retire from the education profession.

But I quickly realized that I can use my love of teaching and working with people in a one on one setting, while also doing what I love…empowering women to take back control of their health and their life.

So, after already earning a bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling, I decided to go back to school (again!) at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition to become a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. This led to taking a huge leap of faith in May 2016, resigning from my position as a school counselor, and opening my health coaching business, Christina Johnson Wellness.

A New Mission…To Support You

I feel so blessed now to have a career where I can show other women how they can experience these same changes that I found in my own life.

Because, really, who doesn’t want to keep that extra weight off for good? Who wouldn’t love more energy on a daily basis? And who doesn’t want the peace of mind knowing that they are doing everything they can to take care of their bodies and their health?

I’m here to show you why diets haven’t worked for you in the past and to teach you how to create a new relationship with food in a fun and effective way. Because counting calories, relying on willpower, and depriving yourself won’t give you the lasting results you really want.

Together, we will create a plan that uses a new approach to weight loss. I’ll guide you through my step-by-step process and show you exactly how to shed the weight, feel confident in your own skin again, and get that bounce back in your step!


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